Big Nik: From Surgery to Superstar

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Big Nik: From Surgery to Superstar

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Big Nik Keswani

Nik Keswani, also known as "Big Nik" is an aspiring comedian and social media phenomenon. With over 1.5 million followers on Vine, he entertains fans with a unique blend of comedy. What's most captivating is that Big Nik stumbled into Internet fame almost by accident.

This is his story:

Q: How and when did you discover Vine and what intrigued you about it?

A: When I was recovering from surgery I was unable to move without help for weeks. So I started looking at the app store and saw this app called vine. The fact that is was so simple, with only 6.5 seconds allowed on each post, was really cool to me so I downloaded it.

Q: What creative process do you go through when trying to develop ideas for 6-second funny videos?

A: Usually it will just come on the spot. For example, I’ll look at my bed and say “I should make a really funny vine on waking up for school” and I have to film it right away. If it is not done on the spot I lose my creativity for that idea.

Q: Before gaining a following on Vine, did you consider yourself funny and entertaining or did Vine help bring this part of your character out of you?

A: I have been cracking jokes since day one. Most of the time when it was not appropriate. Seriously, ask my teachers. With vine, I let out all my jokes on there so I don’t have to blurt anything funny out in school/public.

Q: You’ve collaborated with a lot of other well-known Viner’s. How has the collaboration process helped you gain and maintain a following?

A: It is really cool because collaberations basically helps viners share followers. You post a vine with them, tag them, they revine it. Collabs often do better for most people because the post has more of an outreach. Collabs I do get an “ok” amount of likes but I do gain a lot of followers from it.

Q: Beyond having fun creating videos on Vine, do you have a larger goal or ambition with a career in comedy or entertainment?

A: It has always been my dream to be a stand up comedian and actor. These are both fields I have been determined to be involved with. The acting business is actually going extremely well, and I have something big coming soon. So yeah, be prepared.

Q: Have you ever created and posted a Vine that you later regretted because it wasn’t funny?

A: All the darn time. In the moment I come with a vine idea I’ll think “wow that’s so funny!” until I watch the final edit. Then I realize it was probably the worst vine ever. I will post it, but obviously people think the same as I did. I will wait a couple hours and realize “yeah this vine is a flop” and I will delete it. But hey, it’s all about trial and error until you get it right!

Q: Have you worked with any brands to promote products to monetize your videos? If so, how have your fans embraced this content?

A: There is no way to monetize videos through the app. However, brands will email me about making vines for their product. It pays well, which is great for me because I am really focused on saving money for a good college. My fans react either two ways: they think its cool or they will be angry about it because it’s an ad. Honestly I could care less about negativity because I am doing my own thing and I love it!

Q: If Vine didn’t exist, how else would you pursue your passion for comedy and entertainment?

A: To be honest, I don’t know. Vine has really boosted my confidence with chasing my dreams. So I guess I will have to thank the creators of vine. Love you guys!

Q: What does the future hold for you as a content creator? Any
interesting upcoming projects?

A: Many things. Like I said, my acting career is going to be huge soon, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise for anyone!

Q: What advice could you provide to others looking to establish a brand as a social media personality/content creator?

A: I know it sounds corny, but be yourself. It is surprising how far it will take you. Also, do not pay attention to haters. Finally, remember all bad things happen for a reason. Who knew recovering from a horrible surgery would result in earning over 1.5 million followers! Other than that, just have fun and love what you do.


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