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Twaimz: How Smiles Lead to Success

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Twaimz is a content creator on Vine. In 6 seconds he gives his audience a reason to laugh, smile and have a brighter day. In just a little over one year he's gained a following of over 1.2 million people.

This is his story:

Q: How and when did you discover Vine and what intrigued you about it?

A: I discovered Vine in the Summer of 2013. How I discovered it, most likely my friend Sasha telling me about these super funny and addicting 6 second videos. It was pretty much a whole new way to make online mobile content, similar to a GIF except with sound, which completely caught my attention. I absolutely love catch phrases and quick punch lines and I think that’s what intrigued me the most: simply quick and funny mobile content.

Q: How did you grow your following on Vine and what do you think led to your growth and popularity?

A: My growth on Vine was very sudden and almost unexplainable. While first starting Vine I had only one goal and that was to make people laugh. I didn’t care how many people were following me or how many likes my vines were getting. I just ignored the numbers and focused on the content. While doing this for about a year now I’ve come to the realization that putting the content first before anything else was the way to go, and I believe that’s what contributed to most of my success.

Q: Before gaining a following on Vine, did you consider yourself funny and entertaining or did Vine help bring this part of your character out of you?

A: Before Vine I was a bit lost. I didn’t really have a sense of who I was as a person and what I wanted to do for a living. But making these 6 second videos definitely brought out a side in me that I didn’t know I had. Before Vine I was somewhat goofy and entertaining to my friends and family, but not so much to everyone else. However, I believe Vine helped me grow out of that shy stage and made me a lot more confident to express myself to anyone and everyone. So yes, I do believe it brought out my character, and in the best way possible.

Q: What’s the end goal? Do you have any career ambitions in mainstream media (television or movies)?

A: As of right now I’m not too sure what the end goal is, but I do know that it’s going to be somewhere in entertainment, possibly acting or film, maybe both. I think I still need a lot more time figuring out what I find most entertaining to myself.

Q: What creative process do you go through when trying to develop ideas for 6-second funny videos?

A: My thought process for making vines is completely all over the place. I love thinking on my feet, and I think that’s how I go about making my vines. If a funny idea comes to mind, I’ll record it; and if I can’t think of anything, I just won’t post that day. I’m very against forced content. If I don’t think what I record is funny, I don’t believe my followers will find it that funny either.

Q: Do you think people understand or appreciate the work that goes into being a content creator?

A: For the most part yes. My followers are very appreciative of the amount of consistent content I’m able to give them. It’s absolutely not easy at all to crack a joke in 6 seconds, and I think my followers understand that. I try my best to make people laugh, and to see such great positive feedback is only more inspirational to keep the videos coming.

Q: Do you currently or do you plan on pursuing a full-time career making Vine videos or other online content?

A: As of right now I’m trying to put a bigger focus on YouTube. Vine has served me well but I don’t believe it can fully get me to my end goal. YouTube is such a great platform for self expression and creative content and I believe it can help me understand what I want to have as a profession, whether it be acting on camera or working behind the scenes as a producer or director. With that said I believe only time can tell, with effort.

Q: How have you maintained a commitment as a content creator to spend time doing something that initially didn’t have an income opportunity?

A: I think what was so gratifying to me as a content creator and is still so gratifying is the responses of individual people simply telling me that I made their day better just from one video, whether it was a Vine or a YouTube video. To think that my profession could revolve around making people’s days better is just so inspiring to me and I don’t think I could continue making content without that great support.

Q: What does the future hold for you? Any interesting upcoming projects?

A: As of my YouTube career I’m trying to make a change in the type of content I’m creating. As of right now I’ve been making vlog-type videos, and I’m hoping to make a transition to videos that include much more cinematography and acting, such as skits, spoofs, etc. So I guess you can stay tuned!

Q: What advice could you provide to others looking to establish a brand as a social media personality/content creator?

A: I think the best and only advice I could give anyone is to always put the content first, and to always go with your gut. Learning to not second guess yourself with confidence is for me the most important thing to learn as a content creator.


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